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Status Saturday: Funny Facebook Status Updates About Music

It’s been a while since our last Status Saturday but any random Saturday is a good day for its return, right? Last year, we gave you a bunch of status updates inspired by hip hop, but today’s statuses are about any musical genre or just music in general:

…is eating a CD. Yes, I’ve got a strange taste in music.

…read this note stuck on a music store’s door: “Gone Chopin, Bach in 3 Minuets”

…wishes bagpipe players wouldn’t march while they play. It’s more difficult to shoot a moving target.

…knows the difference between a DJ and a dog: the dog knows when to stop scratching.

…is looking for the word you call someone who hangs around with musicians… Oh yeah, now I remember: a drummer.

…met a robot that composed musicals. Its name? Android Llyod Webber.

…just played country music backwards and got his/her house, car and wife/husband back.

…just played some blues backwards and his/her dog came back to life, his/her wife/husband returned and he/she got out of jail!

…just played some house music backwards and it sounded, well, exactly the same.

…visited Ludwig Van Beethoven’s grave and heard classic music playing backwards. Sounded like he was still de-composing.

…’s guitar playing really isn’t as bad as it sounds.

…thinks the difference between a music producer and God is that God doesn’t think he’s a music producer.

Shout out to Boost Your Low Testosterone Levels for making this post possible! Thanks, Mark!

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Status Saturday: Funny Facebook Status Updates About Music Posted by on November 13, 2010 at 10:28 AM. Use this trackback if you're linking this story.

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