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Status Sunday: Easter Facebook Statuses

We thought this week we’d make an exception and rename our Status Saturday into Status Sunday ─hey, the alliteration still kinda works─ because families around the world are celebrating Easter today. And as we can tell by the popularity of our Status Updates for Easter post from last year, many of you are interested in posting funny Easter status updates to Facebook this very day. So below you can find our second batch of Easter statuses. Feel free to use them, and also check out our Easter Eggs Facebook tag picture and the revealed Facebook Easter Eggs. Happy E, everyone!

Easter Eggs and Bunny:

…thinks it’s a good idea to find Easter eggs on Easter, but a bad idea to find Easter eggs on Christmas.

…is never hiding Easter eggs inside the house again. You’ll know why when after a few months you discover the purple cockroaches.

…is going to have an Easter beer hunt (and probably never end up at church).

…is going to hide his/her own Easter eggs. At least there’s one advantage to Alzheimer.

…is wondering, since eggs become much more appealing to kids if you paint and hide them… would that also work for broccoli?

…is hiding the Cadbury Creme Eggs where only he/she can find them!

…bets that chickens really hate Easter… after all, how would you feel if you people ate all of your eggs and some stupid rabbit got all the credit?

…is gonna catch the Easter Bunny by hiding in a bush and making the noise of a carrot.

…wonders why we leave milk and cookies for Santa, but never a salad for the Easter bunny.

Religion (?):

…figures that any Holiday that starts with Good Friday can’t be bad.

…thinks Easter is a good time to check out your neighborhood church without getting noticed.

…doesn’t know what it is, but he/she really likes the sound of going to a “Passion Play”.

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