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Facebook Revolution in Egypt: Pictures & Cartoons

As you know, Tunisia‘s succesful political revolution has inspired Egyptian protesters. From the New York Times:

Clearly, the scent of Tunisia’s “jasmine revolution” has quickly reached Egypt. Following the successful expulsion in Tunis of the dictator Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, the call arose on Facebook for an Egyptian revolution, to begin on Jan. 25. Yet the public here mocked those young people who had taken to Twitter and Facebook to post calls for protest: Since when was the spark of revolution ignited on a pre-planned date? Had revolution become like a romantic rendezvous?

We found some pictures and cartoons that illustrate the role of Facebook and other social media in the the biggest demonstrations in Egypt in years.

Clever Photoshopping by WeAreAndSome.

andsome thought for Egypt

The Egyptian people fight President Mubarak with Facebook and Twitter, by Bryant Arnold.

Egypt, Facebook & Twitter cartoon

Three Arab leaders (Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, Muammar al-Gaddafi of Libya, and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia) with protesting crowds in the background. Mubarak asks: “And you, how many foes do you have on Facebook?” by Swiss cartoonist Patrick Chapatte.

"How many foes" Facebook Revolution in Egypt cartoon

“Egypt has defriended you”, by Gary Clement.

Egypt has defriended you cartoon

This photo was obviously not taken in Egypt, but it sums up the tools for a modern day revolution quite well. The AK-47 and machete are so old school.


NBC’s news reporter, Richard Engel, tweeted this picture of Egyptians holding up a sign that says “Thank you, Facebook”.

Thank you Facebook

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