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New Facebook Groups, Download Your Information and Applications Privacy Dashboard

Today was a big day for Facebook, as they introduced several new features at the Facebook Event 2010. Here’s a quick round-up:

Groups have been completely revamped. Limited to 250 members for benefiting from the new features, they’re more personal and intimate as opposed to the totally random Facebook groups we’ve seen in the past. Facebook wants you to use Groups with your family, team members or classmates, to share documents, photos and videos. They even enabled simultaneous group chat, which is definitely a long-awaited feature, and you can easily create group-exclusive events. Privacy settings for Groups range from “Open” (group members and content are public), over “Closed” (members are public, content is private) to “Secret” (both members and content remain private). While the old kind of Groups still exist, there’s no word yet if they’ll be converted or remain as is.

Download Your information is a new option that will appear soon in your Account Settings (between “Account Security” and “Deactivate Account”) and allows you to get a copy of the personal information you’ve put on Facebook.  A downloadable zip-file will be prepared that includes an offline and simplified version of your profile page as well as all your shared data like pictures, videos, wall posts, messages, and more.


Finally, they’ve added a new Applications Privacy Dashboard for maximum control over how Games, Applications and Connect websites are using your data. You’ll be able to find the dashboard along with a log file soon under Account > Privacy Settings and then clicking “Edit your settings” under Applications and Websites.

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