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Facebook gift virus on the loose

Did you receive some random, insignificant gift today from a Facebook friend for no reason at all, along with a non-personalized message like…

“I just sent you a Gift!”


“This made me think of you”

then don’t send a gift back or click anywhere near the red heart-shaped box (or whatever object it is), because it’s part of a Facebook exploit that’s spreading virally today, Monday April 26th. Here’s how you can help put a brake on the further distribution of this worm via your friends:

  • Carefully delete the message from your wall (click the gray “Remove” link to the right of the message).
  • Warn your friends about the Facebook gift virus by sharing this article on your wall.

From our findings, Facebook is already on it, actively removing the applications spreading the worm and thus the spam messages on everyone’s walls, but since there are many different versions with various names (eg. Great Gifts, Top Gifts, Amazing Friends and BFF Gifts) so it might take them a while. We did notice that most of the scam applications make use of the same red, gift box icon, so beware.

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