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25 Parodies of The Social Network

The Social Network has been out for a while now and hardly anyone’s talking about the Facebook movie anymore since a guy called Harry Potter showed his magical wand again and broke all box office records. But we came across a whole bunch of funny spoofs and mashups based on the original trailer that we can’t resist to share with you. Of course, some of these are better than others ─do let us know which ones you like best─ and you should be prepared to hear a lot of Radiohead’s Creep as covered by the Belgian Scala girls choir.

The Video Network – The YouTube Movie

The Twit Network – The Twitter Movie

The parody song used in this trailer is “I can Tweet” by The Gregory Brothers. Download it here.

The Auction Site – The eBay Movie

The Social Disease Parody

Fake 3rd trailer for The Social Network, featuring a wall-to-wall conversation between Aaron Sorkin, David Fincher and Trent Reznor.

The Socially Challenged Network

A Place for Friends – The MySpace Movie

The Chat Roulette Movie (NSFW!)

The Kitteh Network  – The Lolcats Movie

The Scotty’s Brewhouse Movie

The Gregpike.ca Blog Movie

The Social Network Trailer – Cartoon Edition (featuring South Park, The Simpsons & Family Guy)


Another Social Network – The Ping Movie

The Social Network vs Space Jam

The Gadget Blog – The Engadget Movie

The Role Models Network

The Stetson Network

The Pen Pals Network

The Sexual Network (NSFW!)

The Awesomepedia.org Parody

The Jonah Hex Movie

The Google Movie


The Snuggie Network

The Social Network Parody

The So-Shul Network

The StoneColdComedy Movie

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