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Facebook Chat exploit discovered

If your “Facebook Chat is down for maintenance at this time”, there’s a good reason for that. A YouTube user dubbed Attwood66 discovered a really simply exploit that blatantly discloses the content of the chat sessions of your friends, as well as any pending friend requests!

The Facebook Chat exploit, as demonstrated in the video below, requires only a few clicks and the instructions are so simple, it can even be executed by a novice computer user:

  1. Click the Account dropdown menu and click Privacy Settings.
  2. Click Personal Information and Posts and then the Preview My Profile… button.
  3. Now enter any of your friends under “Specific person” to spy on their ongoing conversations.

Viewing your profile like others see it… Literally! How long this security hole has existed is unknown ─which is very alarming─ but the cat is out of the bag and it’s being patched up as we speak.

UPDATE: At the time of writing, not only Chat was taken down “for maintenance”, but Facebook itself didn’t resolve a few times. Too many people trying to spy on their friends? The issue seems to be resolved now, though.

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