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Facebook Like Coat Hanger, Your Wall Likes It

Your wall can now like things too. Not your Facebook wall, we’re talking about your real wall. The one near your front door in particular. And it can like your coat, your hat or almost any other piece of clothing you throw at it. All thanks to the Facebook Like Hanger by Meninos, a handcrafted thumbs up icon of approximately 3 by 3 inches with a built-in screw.

Facebook Like Coat Hanger

We know, its $39.90 price tag is pretty steep, and shipping to anywhere outside Brazil is rather expensive ($22-ish), but you can ship up to 3 hangers for the same cost. And you can easily grab a 10% off coupon code by liking Meninos here.

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Not just clothes, but cables too!

Facebook Thumbs Up Icon Coat Hanger

Super easy to screw in.

Facebook Like Icon Hanger

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