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Hell’s Kitchen Facebook Game

If you like to voluntarily endure the wrath of world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay (read: if you enjoy being mocked, called names and getting verbally abused) then this game is for you. Oh, and it involves a bit of cooking too.

Do you have the talent to be a five- star chef in the hottest kitchen around? Experience the game’s pressure-cooker atmosphere as you go through a series of kitchen challenges. Compete against friends and challenge them to beat your score! Your success depends on your ability to cook and serve meals while mastering your time management skills. each new level you reach will give you exclusive access to recipes for Ramsay’s delectable dishes as seen on the show. See how well you score with chef Ramsay!

Hell's Kitchen Facebook game

Beginner’s tips:

  1. Always start with the dish that has the longest cooking time. Then the second-longest, etc.
  2. Every spare second, continuously click on all different ingredients so that every type of plate is always prepared.

Video tutorial:

Add the Hell’s Kitchen game (3,454 monthly active users at the time of writing).

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