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Addictive UNO game hits Facebook

Addictive UNO game hits Facebook

Earlier this month, GameHouse released the Facebook adaptation of the popular UNO™ card game and it’s taking the social network by a storm. About 85,000 active users (at the time of writing) are already playing the game against random Facebook members, but expect this game to skyrocket as soon as they enable the friends invitations, which will allow you to play against your actual friends.

Tag your Facebook friends as video game characters

Tag your Facebook friends as video game characters

This Tag your Friends grid popped up in my Facebook news feed this morning, and it’s pretty well-made so kudos to someone named Aaron! It features popular video game characters from all sorts of game genres: shoot ’em ups, platform, fighting and puzzle games. Let’s see if we got any hardcore gamers here… Can you name all 29 game characters ?

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