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Fake Facebook login page alert

Fake Facebook login page alert

Today’s phishing site that is spreading around Facebook through messages is (we recommend against visiting that site). The URL shows a fake login form that looks almost exactly like the one on, but when a user submits his or her e-mail and password, instead of logging into Facebook the site will automatically spam all his or her contacts with the same URL.

Warning: New Facebook Phishing site on the rise

Warning: New Facebook Phishing site on the rise

A new Facebook phising scam in the form of a fake Facebook login page has emerged yesterday and it’s making ten thousands of victims. When you enter your username and password at the identical-looking login form at, your account will immediately be hijacked, your password changed and all your friends will receive an e-mail from you with a link to the same fake login page causing the propagation of this scam to grow exponentially.

Watch out for Facebook phishing e-mails

Watch out for Facebook phishing e-mails

Worm and virus creators tend to target large user communities to increase the odds of infection. They make no exception for Facebook. I just received a “Facebook webmail” from the “Facebook Inform Center” (e-mail address: which has virus written all over it. As you can see, the built-in phishing detector of Windows Live Mail marked it as suspicious immediately.

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