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Tron: Legacy, the sequel to Disney’s iconic science fiction film from the early 80s, is currently the number one movie in the U.S. and beyond. So now that it’s proven not bizarre and geeky at all to love this movie, fancy a light cycle race on The Grid yourself? The Tron Facemapping application for Facebook lets you recreate the movie’s official trailer starring you next to the phenomenal, Academy Award-winning actor Jeff Bridges.

Tron Yourself

You can upload an image from your computer, use a picture from your Facebook albums, or take a snapshot with your webcam.  The latter option works best, because it’s hard to fit regular photos into the app’s rather narrow template and you cannot resize, rotate or move your face. When the video has been successfully generated, you can post it your wall or a friend’s, or even download the trailer as a .MOV file. For our example, we created a trailer featuring Tron’s biggest fan and true web-celeb: The Tron Guy (Jay Maynard) and uploaded the video file to YouTube. Watch him “get on the grid” here:

» Tron Yourself and star in the Tron: Legacy trailer, scored by the robots of Daft Punk, with the Tron Facemap app.

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