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Farewell Facebook (VIDEO)

For the love of Pete, why are we on Facebook? Why are we reading everything that our “friends” are oversharing? And isn’t it weird that we have to confirm a “family request” after “friending” our parents?

These are all existential questions that Joep van Osch and Casper Eskes, students at the The Netherlands Film and Television Academy (NTFA), have asked themselves in their sophomore year while making a short film about the social network phenomenon. One year later, the documentary-style Farewell Facebook has been subtitled and published on YouTube for everyone outside of the Dutch academy to see. And since Joep doesn’t have an account anymore ever since he (*SPOILER ALERT*) commited Facebook suicide, he’s depending on us to spread the word about the movie. So here it goes:

Farewell Facebook (© 2010 AHK/NFTA) credits:
Director – Joep van Osch
Creative Producer – Casper Eskes
D.O.P. – Sanna Mensonides
Sound Design – Thijmen van der Poll
Editor – Matthias den Hartog
Production Design – Claire Lintelo
VFX Supervisor – Ewoud Visser

If you’re a regular visitor of our site, you’re probably not going to agree with most of Joep’s statements. Or do you? Leave your opinion about this movie in the comments. And if you like this, make sure you check out our compilation of Facebook in Real Life videos.

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