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Status Saturday: Party Status Updates

No better theme for our saturday status series than “going out” & “party“, so here are no less than 33 Facebook status updates you can add to your profile to alert your friends you’ll be making an assault on the dancefloor tonight.

is coming out so you better get this party started!
is pumping up the jam!
wants to jump up, jump up and get down!
is getting jiggy with it!
is fighting for his/her right to party!
has got a 100 dollar bill and puts his/her hands up!
is spending his/her jukebox money!
is freeeeee to feel good!
is jumping, jumping!
can’t wait for the weekend to begin!
feels like the music sounds better with you.
can’t touch this!
is gonna leave the 9-to-5 up on the shelf, and just enjoy himself/herself!
is going from disco to disco, town across town because everybody is trying to get down.
is a superstar dj, here we go!
is putting on his/her red shoes to dance.
wants to dance with somebody, wants to feel the heat with somebody
will make you… *jump* *jump*
is gonna celebrate, oh yeah, don’t stop the dancing, one more time!
is gonna put a record on and wants to dance with his/her baby.
wants to take you to funky town!
will rock you!
is ready, is ready for the floor!
wants to be dancing all night long so come on dj, play that song!
will get up, get up, get busy, get up and move that body (before the night is over).
will roooock to the beat, roooock to the beat.
is getting down, down down do-down, get, get, down, down down do-down…
‘s groove is in the heart.
is the funk soul brother!
is gonna party like it’s 1999!
is ringing the alarm and throwing elbows.
wants to get dirrty (that’s my jam).
is gonna rock around the clock tonight.

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