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Status Saturday: 8 Funny Facebook Status Updates

For this week’s Status Saturday, we hand-picked 8 funny Facebook status updates from the yet unpublished book “The Funny Facebook Status Updates Book” by Gary Carpenter. Gary is a producer and writer of comedy and animation. He starred in Discovery Kids’ ‘Crash Test Danny’ and has produced material for Channel 4 and Radiohead, among many others. The Funny Facebook Status Updates Book will  -if ever released- include 100 funny status updates that “will give you inspiration to upset the status quotes”. Here’s a little preview already:

has aibohphobia (the fear of palindromes).

is all for the paperless office, but doesn’t think it should stretch to the toilets.

is out clubbing this weekend. I’m going to beat my record of 12 baby seals.

tried to join a Tourette’s support group but they told me to piss off.

was thrown out of a casino for misunderstanding the use of a crap table.

can’t even walk naked in his own back garden due to a hosepipe ban.

just rung the incontinence hotline and got put on hold.

and his wife have drifted apart since buying a water bed.

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