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Facebook Status Optimizer (FSO) automatically posts status updates on your behalf that are algorithmically written to ensure your status updates beat the competition and appear at the top of your friend’s news feed. This application was created by Seattle-based SEOmoz, which provides online tools and tutorials to help with companies and individuals with their Internet marketing and search engine optimization needs. And while search engine optimization was mainly about making money, the Facebook Status Optimizer is aligned with what really matters in life: “being popular online”. Best of all: this tool is FREE!

These are the key features:

  • Automate talking with your friends with data from your actual behavior!
  • Computer learning algorithms learn from your friends’ popular status updates
  • FSO posts statuses that are algorithmically determined to get you more attention!
  • Share helpful product reviews with those that you care about!

Here’s how it works: Just enter your Facebook username and a selection of your favorite topics appear. If they aren’t representative enough, you can manually add up to six more topics. Now all you have to choose is the interval of your automated status updates (we recommend the 2 hour setting for the best results). Now start the optimization of your status updates, and enjoy your increasing Facebook popularity!

Let’s finish with a testimonial from one of its early users:

Thanks to Facebook Status Optimizer, I can play Farmville all day and my boss never knows. FSO automatically rewrites updates like “You found a Golden Squirrel in Farmville” to “You found a Golden [Plan to Improve Productivity] in [Your Office]”. I’ve been promoted to Level 89 and Regional Vice President!

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