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Big Ass Messages or Status Updates on Facebook

The medium is the message, but it doesn’t always fit the content of the message. Sometimes the tiny, black font of Facebook status updates and wall comments is just too dull for the thing you want to scream out of your virtual lungs. Big Ass Message solves this problem for you, by offering a simple way to make something clear in a full-on and in-your-face manner. Like this or that. Especially useful for birthday messages, love declarations or venting frustrations.

Follow these steps if you want to send a big ass message yourself:

  1. Go to BigAssMessage.com.
  2. Click the white text field and enter your message.
  3. Select the desired style: basic (black & white), magic (seizure-inducing), Pepsi (branded o’s) or Heart (I <3 NY-style, every “heart” or “love” in your message will be replaced with a red heart)
  4. Hit preview and/or save. Copy the generated URL at the bottom of the page and paste it on someone’s wall, or include it in your status update but don’t forget to add http:// in front of it (otherwise, it won’t be turned into a hyperlink).

An example of a big ass “Happy Birthday” message:

Big ass Facebook message

Feel free to post your own big ass messages in the comments if they’re worth reading…

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