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How to attract more friend requests with your Facebook profile picture

The folks at OkCupid have analyzed over 7000 profile picture on their dating site and compared the image content to the friend requests these profiles were attracting. Facebook’s not a pure-blooded dating site, but it helps many of us get in touch with old and new loves. And everyone has at least once clicked through on a profile picture of a friend’s friend just because that unknown person looked cute, right? So it’s not too far-fetched to transpose a dating site’s findings to our beloved social networking site. Read on if you want to know how to get more friend requests through your profile picture.

Women better look flirty than smile on their profile picture. But most importantly, they should look directly into the lens! For men it’s exactly the opposite: they’ll get more friend requests when they look away from the camera and don’t smile. A flirty face is definitely a no-hitter for men.

In terms of context, the often ridiculed MySpace shot is surprisingly effective for women. For those who have no clue what we’re talking about, the MySpace shot is a self portrait taken by holding the camera(phone) above your head (exposed cleavage not required, but it helps). Just don’t hold an animal or a beer while you’re at it. They’re a huge letdown.

Men showing off their abs in their profile pictures are douchebags? Not according to research, they are. Muscles instigate friend requests like hell. But if your last physical activity was walking to the game store 2 years ago to buy an Xbox and never left your couch since then, you might not want to expose your 1-pack and just pose with an animal (yes, for men animals seem to work). This is also recommended to men older then 25 ─face it, your stallion years are over─ but don’t get all dressed up. Casual will do.

To summarize, women should take a picture of themselves by holding their camera on a high angle while looking flirty into the lens. Men best look mysteriously away from the camera while showing off a shirtless bod and/or watching a dog fetch a stick.

Now go shoot a new profile picture and hoard those Facebook friend requests.

Source: OkCupid.

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