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Facebook FAQ: Will someone be notified if I ignore a friend request?

Facebook posted a video today called “What Happens If I Ignore a Friend Request?” in which they explain how to manage your friend requests and your Facebook Friend List. The video answers a frequently asked question when it comes to the rejection of a friend request:

UPDATE: If you choose to ignore a friend request, the request will disappear and that person will not be notified of your decision. They will however be able to send you a new friend request in the future. You can leave friend requests pending, so that these people will not be able to send you another friend request.

While your wannabe friend does not receive a notification, he or she is able to find out whether you clicked the Ignore button or not. As long as you leave the person in consideration, the “Add as Friend” link will show as “Friend Requested” and your profile displays “Awaiting friend confirmation” next to your photo. But if you clicked Ignore, these notices won’t appear and the other person can just send you another friend request.

So the best strategy would be to leave your boss’ friend request untouched (ie. don’t click Ignore). As long as it doesn’t come up in real life conversation, you can just pretend you didn’t notice it.

Friend request from your boss

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