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Pummelvision, Your Life As A Music Video

Po King-Chan once directed a beautiful short movie called “The Last 3 Minutes” based on the phenomenon that your entire life flashes through your mind right before you die. Have you ever wondered what you would see while the grim reaper is knocking on your door? We believe it might look a lot like a Pummelvision video.

Jake Lodwick‘s Pummelvision will take your last 2500 photos uploaded to Facebook, Flickr or Tumblr, and compiles them into compelling video scored by Nate Ritholz and Ary Warnaar of Anamanaguchi‘s 8-bit chiptune fame. Once finished ─and be aware that this process could take hours, or even days depending on your place in the queue─ your video is automatically uploaded to your YouTube or Vimeo account and ready to be shared. If you have uploaded a decent amount of pictures in the past few years, your video can turn out to be quite an emotional roller coaster trip through time and a reminder that your life is all but boring.

This Pummelvision by Rob Hawkes is an amazing example if you’re too curious, but we highly recommend creating your own video and watching that instead.

At this point, you cannot pick specific albums or galleries nor does Pummelvision care whether you are tagged in the photos or not. But all these and more options ─including alternative music, speed and other sources like Picasa, Dropbox and Twitpic─ are expected to be added in the near future. If you’re not happy with the results or if you’ve added a bunch of new pictures you want to include, you can simply reinitiate the creation of another Pummelvision video by clicking this restart link.

If you like Pummelvision, then definitely check out Animoto which lets you create insanely cool photo slideshows with custom themes, effects and your own music.

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