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Anarchy in your head tagging game

Anarchy In Your Head is a web comic by Dale Everett, going by the motto: “when it comes to politics, we hate everything“. Dale guarantees his readers:  “sooner or later we’re bound to make fun of someone or something you hate“. He composed a tag your friends collage with some of the recurring characters from his comics:

Save this image and upload it to your Facebook account, then match up characters with your friends and tag them. Have fun! Maybe you’ll really piss someone off with your characterization of them.

Anarchy in your head tag game for Facebook

The 26 character types you can tag in this picture are:

  1. The playful one
  2. The brain
  3. The odd one
  4. The childish one
  5. The wild one
  6. The ditzy one
  7. The analyst
  8. The angry one
  9. The lucky one
  10. The recluse
  11. The party animal
  12. The hero
  13. The player
  14. The defiant one
  15. The schmoozer
  16. The wise one
  17. The braggart
  18. The sensible one
  19. The drama queen
  20. The ambitious one
  21. The hungry one
  22. The prankster
  23. The bossy one
  24. The creative one
  25. The grudger
  26. The inquisitor

» Read the Anarchy in your head web comic here.

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