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Yo Zuck, Implement These 5 Facebook Features!

A new Tumblr blog called Yo Zuck! Implement This has started posting both popular and original Facebook feature requests by demonstrating them in a simple and clear manner, using animated prototypes and altered screenshots. Whether Irish blogger, Youssef Sarhan, is applying for a job at Facebook this way is yet uncertain. In the meantime, these are our five favorite Yo Zuck! suggestions so far.

1) A Translate option for status updates and comments by your international friends:

Status Update Translate

2) Integrate Google Maps into Events, instead of just showing the address:

Google Maps in Events

3) Facebook Video Chat would bring chat to the next level:

Facebook Video Chat

4) Drag & drop group chat:

Drag & Drop Group Chat

5) A scrolling preview of the latest received chat message would be another time saver:


Chat Message Preview

So, which of these features are on your wishlist? Or do you have any other requests?

» Check out Yo Zuck! for more feature requests and demos.

Hat tip to CNET for finding this.

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