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Upside Down Facebook Day 2010

 If you’ve been following us for more than a year, you probably already know what we’re going to write about. Yes, Upside Down Facebook Day is BACK for a 2nd worldwide edition.

Upside Down Facebook Day 2010

On June 9th (or 6/9… behold, a date that can be read upside down), we’re gonna try to get as many Facebook users as possible to…

  1. Flip their Profile Picture 180 degrees.
  2. Post only upside down status updates, wall posts and comments (like: ¡ʎɐp ʞooqǝɔɐɟ uʍop ǝpısdn s,ʇı).
  3. BONUS: Hardcore chaotics can also change their Facebook language to “English (Upside Down)” for maximum disorientation.

Instructions on how to do all this can be found on the Facebook Event page for Upside Down Facebook Day 2010. And while you’re there, please RSVP positively and invite all your friends to the worldwide Facebook event. We owe last year’s success entirely to our numerous fans who actively participated and spread the word, so we’re counting on you again to make even more impact this year. With our visitors count and fan base more than doubled since last year, this edition is gonna be bigger and better. We hope to see you on our Guest List!

» RSVP here for Upside Down Facebook Day 2010.

This year, we are looking for a cool sponsor to make a significant donation to a good cause when we reach a certain number of participants. If you can help us with that, get in touch ASAP.

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