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“Unfriend” Replaces “Remove From Friends”

Facebook has silently replaced the “Remove From Friends” link with an “Unfriend” option. It’s rather surprising that they haven’t adapted the Facebook jargon sooner, especially since “unfriend” was one of the most popular new words in 2009 as proven by the inclusion in the New Oxford American Dictionary a year ago. The buzzword of 2010, by the way, was “refudiate” thanks to Sarah Palin’s tweeting habit.

The link at the bottom left of a friend’s Facebook profile you now have to click to remove this person from your friends list, looks like this:


Facebook didn’t follow the same course in the confirmation popup that appears when you click “Unfriend”, and inconsistently kept the “Remove as a friend” title and “Remove from Friends” button in there.

Remove as a friend

Killing two birds with one stone, the simple vocabulary change also provides an answer to War’s “Why can’t we unfriend?” song… ’cause now you can!


Do you think “Unfriend” sounds too harsh? Too childish? Should they rename it to “defriend”? Or is this the only proper way to describe the procedure of kicking a person from your friends list? Tell us in the comments.

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