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Let’s turn Facebook Upside Down for a day!

People, we’re gonna turn Facebook upside down for a day! Yes, we can.


Flip 6/9 upside down and you get… 6/9! Similarly, turn 9/6 around 180° and you get 9/6 again. That’s why we will turn Facebook upside down on the 9th day of the 6th month: June 9th* 2009. This day will be known as… *drum roll*


Being part of the 1st edition of U.D.F.D. is really simple. First, RSVP here. Then on Tuesday, June 9th just follow these 2 rules:

Upside Down Profile Picture

#1 – Rotate your profile picture 180 degrees for 24 hours.

a) Go to http://www.facebook.com/album.php?profile
b) Click your current profile picture
c) Click TWICE on one of the two rotate icons (right above the “Tag This Photo” link)

To the left is an example of what it’ll look like.

Upside Down Status Update#2 – Send ONLY upside down status updates and wall posts for the entire day.

a) Enter the desired status update or message in our upside down status generator located at http://reface.me/status-updates/rotate-text-flip-text-turn-text-upside-down
b) Copy and paste the upside down text to your status update field, or to a friend’s wall.

That’s it!

Confirm your participation by RSVP’ing to this event and please invite as many friends as you like to join! Oh, and if anyone asks why you’re “flipping” on the day itself, tell them it’s…

Upside Down Facebook Day - June 9th 2009

*This is 6/9 according to the American date format. We realize June 9th would be 9/6 in many other parts of the world. We’re just too impatient to wait until September 6th ;)

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