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Spacebook: First Facebook Page In Space (VIDEO)

Mission: Spacebook accomplished, because Belgian television show Magazinski successfully launched its Facebook page into space!

By loading the Facebook page into an iPhone’s Facebook app, and attaching the smartphone to a weather balloon equipped with a GPS and a camera, Magazinski managed to film their Facebook page lifting off into the stratosphere. On their page, they posted what would consequently become the first Facebook photo in space: a picture of the Nerdlab team that manually released the balloon from the launch site at the Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium (KMI).

Watch the First Facebook Page in Space

Here’s a video report of the first Facebook page to ever travel into space. Dutch spoken, but subtitled in English.

Quite a few things have recently been launched into space with their trip recorded on video for the world to enjoy. Magazinski now offers its audience the know-how, equipment, and support to send a personal object of choice mile high into the sky and watch it travel. After the weather balloon bursts due to thin air at around 18 miles, the object gently falls back to earth thanks to a built-in parachute. It is then relocated with the help of a GPS, the scavenger hunt being part of the fun.

For their initial so-called “Magaspaceki” launch a month ago, Magazinski used an apple. For their second one: that other Apple. Most surprisingly, the iPhone 3G survived the -94 °F temperatures as well as the 95,000 ft descend back to earth, and still worked. Oh, the bragging rights of owning an iPhone that has floated to space and back.

First Facebook Page in space!

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