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Facebook Events redesigned

Facebook Events has recently been redesigned to make it faster and easier for us to create an event and invite people. Along with the redesign, the Wedding event type has been added for those who want to get rid of fancy, handwritten wedding invites (look under the Other category). Wedding 2.0, baby!

Brynn Shepherd, Product Design intern last summer, enumerates the following improvements:

Fewer required fields. The old form had four required fields: title, host, event type, and location. Now only title is required. We understand that people use Facebook events for many different purposes, and the information needed to describe an event changes accordingly.

Reorganization of information. By emphasizing the more important fields and de-emphasizing the less important ones, we reduced visual clutter on the page and made it easier to fill out the form. We also moved the privacy option to step one, because we feel it is necessary for you to be able to set event privacy before creating an event. You may notice that we removed the host field, but don’t worry, you will still be able to create group- and Page-hosted events. To do this, simply go to your group or Page profile and click on the “create a related event” link.

Clearer indication of progress. We added step indicators to the top of the page to show you exactly where you are and what comes next in the event creation process. We hope that this will make the task of creating an event less overwhelming and easier to complete.

Faster photo uploading. Previously, to upload an event profile photo you had to select a photo from your computer and click an “upload” button that was separate from the rest of the form. We streamlined this process by building a new uploader that uploads a photo immediately upon selection of the file.

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