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Facebook Numbers Game

Mickey Mouse, Care Bears, and He-man are so last week.  Numbers are the new Facebook fad. We were this close with our prediction that it would be colors. Hey, there’s always next week!

So if you’ve seen random numbers fly by in any of your friends’ status updates, that’s because they’re playing The Number Game. We’ll let the TheNumberGame’s Facebook page do the explaining:

Facebook NumbersThe Number Game is a fun, interactive game that you can play with your Facebook friends! Here is how it works: users can ask their friends what they think about them by supplying them with a number through a message. The friend then gives the answer via a status update, and attaches the number to their answer for identification purposes.

So what you’re seeing in all these status updates are anonymous shoutouts with numbers (usually not any more inventive than 7, 21 and 69) replacing names.

Facebook Numbers Game

It’s easy to participate, just follow these steps:

  1. Be a little bit bored and have some spare time to kill.
  2. Invite your friends through a status update to send you their favorite number via a Facebook message if they want feedback on what you think about them.
  3. Post a status, starting with the given number, and tell the world how you feel about this person, how you met, or anything that comes to mind.

These Facebook memes sure keep people ─including us, having to write about them─ busy. This one has even got its own theme song. Believe it:

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