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Wacko Wednesday: 10 Weird Facebook Groups

Starting today we have a new weekly feature here at reface.me: Wacko Wednesdays! Every Wednesday we’ll focus on the whacky side of Facebook, you know, the weirdos, the witty, and the plain wrong. Let’s kick this off with ten weird Facebook groups. Feel free to share your own discoveries in the comments!

It must be damn hard to be a 16 year old boy this time in world history.

Because we need to name them in order to discuss them.

That’s one brave bet, man! (Thanks to Lindsey at Urlesque for spotting this one).

Almost a hundred thousand child traumas. Now I’m sad.

Yes, bring that cartoon character to justice once and for all!

Time to brush up your accent(s), then join this group for datebait.

Face it, girls: men don’t ride white horses nor do they have Colgate smiles.

I wonder who’s that sole member?

No. NO NO! It’s hard to resist, but I’m NOT joining this!

Do you ever need to know which letter comes before the other?

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