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Tyra Banks loves “25 Things I Hate About Facebook”, proposes Facebook Etiquette

Remember the very first post here on reface.me? In the past month and a half, Julian’s popularity has peaked. His “25 Things I Hate About Facebook” short caught the attention of hundreds of thousands of YouTube, including the entire Facebook HQ as well as supermodel-gone-TV-host Tyra Banks. She liked his spoof video so much she invited Julian as a guest on The Tyra Banks Show this week. Here’s a snippet of last Wednesday’s show:

During the same show, Tyra proposed a few rules for her own Facebook etiquette:

  • Only tag a photo of a friend with their permission.
  • Only make friend requests of people you actually know — not complete strangers
  • Relationship status changes must be mutual
  • Do not write inappropriate stuff on your friend’s walls
  • Don’t over “poke”
  • Do not leave your Facebook page up in communal places

I love the “Relationship status changes must be mutual” rule. If you’re going to break up on Facebook, give your soon-to-be-ex a call first, ok? And how about we change rule #5 to “Do NOT poke”?

Like I mentioned earlier, the people at Facebook liked the “25 Things…” video too. They decided to invite Julian to their headquarters in Palo Alto, California for a tour. They might regret that decision now ;) Just watch what happened…

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Tyra Banks loves “25 Things I Hate About Facebook”, proposes Facebook Etiquette Posted by on April 9, 2009 at 12:15 PM. Use this trackback if you're linking this story.

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