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Wacko Wednesday: Social Networks Defined Through Peeing

As you probably noticed, updates on Reface.me have been slow for a few days because we’ve been travelling. But now that we’re back, we’d like to pick up on a nearly two-weeks-old Tweet by Ray Kane (@memmikane) that compares social networks from a “peeing” perspective. Yes, a definition of social media based on micturating, wizzing, or whatever you call it. Isn’t that perfect wacko wednesday material?

The Tweet goes like this:

Twitter= I need to pee. Facebook= I peed! Foursquare= I’m peeing here. Quora= Why am I peeing? Youtube= Watch this pee! LinkedIn= I pee well

We couldn’t confirm that Ray came up with the strange idea to define the different social networks like this, but what we do know is that Mindjumpers, a social media agency located in Denmark, took it further and published an “infographic” ─we’d rather call it an illustration─ with the following additions:

  • Slideshare = Why I am great at peeing
  • Delicious = I collect me pee!
  • Digg = I digg my pee
  • StumbleUpon = Ups, Discover my pee
  • Wikipedia = Together, we pee-dia!

Before we show you Mindjumpers’ “Social Media Definition by peeing”, we’d first like to add some of our own definitions:

  • Yelp = I’ve peed here a bunch of times. Great restrooms!
  • Flickr = Look at these artsy Canon 5D Mark II pictures of my pee
  • MySpace = Hey, please check out my new song of me peeing!
  • Last.fm = I recently listened to “Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?” by Frank Zappa
  • Meetup = Let’s pee together!
  • Windows Live Messenger or AIM = BRB. Gotta pee. LOL
  • Tumblr = Meh, I don’t care about peeing
  • YouP**n = Look where I’m peeing!

Social Media by "peeing" infographic (?)

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