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Matt, stop writing on the wall please!

Are you doing every Facebook quiz there is? Have you poked someone earlier this week and counting every second until this person pokes you back? Do you have the unstoppable urge to write on every wall, even those in your bedroom? Then you might want to join the Social Media Addicts Association (S.M.A.A.), founded by Jerry. Or actually, invented by Belgian marketing agency, Nascom, to promote the Sony Vaio Mini W-Series. But let’s forget that for a moment, the idea of such a group doesn’t sound so farfetched after all.

Below you’ll find all the videos posted at StopWritingOnMyWall.com, the homepage of the fictitious self-help association, but first their five-step approach to kicking the habit:

  1. Admit you have a problem but don’t tweet about it.
  2. Accept that you don’t need upvotes to feel validated.
  3. Understand the risks of poking strangers.
  4. Repeat after me: “[Facebook] and alcohol don’t mix”.
  5. Don’t go cold turkey! Just delete one friend a day.

A typical S.M.A.A. meeting:


Interview with Frank, a social media addict:

Jerry, founder of the S.M.A.A.:

Interview with Gemma, a member of the S.M.A.A.:

Another S.M.A.A. member, Mark:

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