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10 Awesome Sports You Can Add To Your Facebook Profile

Yeah, yeah, yadda, yadda. Everybody plays soccer, baseball, volleyball, basketball, and likes the occasional swim. “Booo-ring!” as Homer Simpson would yell. Reface.me, as you know, is all about standing out from the crowd on Facebook, so why don’t you consider our 10 suggestions for crazy sports you can and should add to your Facebook profile under “Sports you play“? Don’t worry if you do not actually practice them; just add the people you want to play these sports with and hopefully they’ll accept the invitation… or challenge.

Awesome Facebook Sports

1) Archery

Legendary thanks to the likes of Willem Tell and Robin Hood, the former hunting and combat skill is now almost considered a form of art. Did you know that if you practice archery, people should refer to you as Mr. Bowman. Or also “toxophilite”, but for some reason that sounds like a nasty disease to us.

2) Bungee jumping

This is the kind of leisure activity that makes you wonder who was crazy (or suicidal) enough to invent it. Freefalling from a bridge, a crane, a hot-air-balloon or a helicopter is a sport exclusively for thrill seekers. And aren’t you one?

3) Akankanto

Contrary to what its name might suggest, this is not a martial art form but rather a marital art form. Also known as wife carrying, its objective is for a man to race through an obstacle track as fast as possible and with a woman on his back. Make sure you tell Facebook exactly who you (want to) play this sports with. (“Is that a proposal?“)

Weird Facebook Sports: Akankanto

4) Jeu de boules

Better known to the French as “pétanque”, this sport is played by 17 million “hommes” and “femmes” in its country of origin, but why should you set this as one of your favorite sports? Because it requires you to have metal balls, that’s why.

5) Tug of war

Don’t even think this synonym for rope pulling makes it sound tougher than it is. Fingers, heck, even arms were torn off and people got killed while playing this game. Think you can handle that?

6) Quoits

Metal. Ropes. Rubber. Need we say more?

7) Octopush

Octopush is also known as underwater hockey. One of those sports with hardly any spectators. Their loss!

8) Chess boxing

A combination of brawn and brains… sounds like a sport for you, right? A chess boxing match begins with a 4-minute chess round, followed by 3 minutes of boxing, with rounds of chess and boxing alternating until the end. In an effort not to spoil the action, the rules of speed chess are obeyed which means each player only has 12 minutes for the whole game. A match that can end with either a knockout or a checkmate… We like!

9) Bossaball

Bossaball combines volleyball with soccer and throws in some capoeira AND a trampoline. Massive respect for Filip Eyckmans, a fellow Belgian who invented this spectacular game.

10) Blackminton

The night version of speedminton, which is the net-less version of badminton. But we would rather call it: Tronminton! Why? Check out this video:

Are you going to add any of these awesome sports to your Facebook profile? Or do you actually practice a much cooler sport? Let us know!

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