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12 Facebook in real life (VIDEOS)

Maybe when The Facebook Movie hits the theatres, we’ll learn how the idea for the “poke” feature grew out of Mark Zuckerberg’s love for his own index finger. Or not. But if you take poking, friending, tagging, liking, writing on a wall, updating your status,… and the whole social network lingo out of its original context and into the real world, you can get some really weird but interesting interpretations. We gathered 12 videos (and then some) from both professional and amateur sources, showing the personnification of Facebook in real life. Some parodies are better than others, so let us know which ones you like best. And if you feel like we missed a great video, just share the link in the comments.

Door-to-door Facebook by Benidorm Bastards (Dutch)


This sketch was part of a candid camera show starring senior citizens. We provided the English subtitles for your enjoyment.


Facebook in Real Life 


Jim at work. Mom’s a total (but hot) miscast. Watch until the end for a surprise cameo by a ghost from the past.




Karen sees Linda on the street. Too bad for Linda.


Real Life Facebook by Zirk Ubu

One word: creepy.


Facebook in Reality by Idiots of Ants (as seen on BBC 3’s The Wall).

The most popular Facebook parody which everyone has seen by now, save for some newborns. Often imitated, never outdone. Especially because Tom is spot-on that horribly annoying Facebook friend.


What If Facebook Was Real Life?

Looks like a school project. We like the idea of the Facebook news feed being read out through the high school radio.

Facebook Life by The Variety Hour

Facebook Life. Not as much fun as expected.

What if Facebook were real

Starts out the same as the Idiots of Ants sketch, but takes it from there.

Facebook News Network by Train of Thought Sketch Comedy

Your Facebook news feed as a news channel à la CNN.

Facebook en la Vida Real (Spanish)

Promotional video for a satirical book about Facebook. There’s also a sequel. Interestingly, the accounts of Juan Faerman and Guillermo Otero, the author and producer of the Faceboom book, as well as the book’s fan page were disabled by Facebook in January 2010. Read more over here.

Myspace vs. Facebook Blog Wars

Myspace vs Facebook (Get a Mac parody)

An “I’m a Mac” parody featuring Facebook versus MySpace instead of a Mac and a PC. There are plenty more like these, like here, and here… and here.

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