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Facebook Fail Friday: Facebook Moms

In honor of the upcoming Mother’s Day, today’s Facebook Fail Friday is dedicated to the unavoidable but unconditionally beloved mothers on Facebook. We have six screen captured situations in which moms demonstrate an epic FAIL, or totally pwn their kids (since it’s Mother’s Day, we figured it would be nasty to show only the bad cases).

Constance is a “Facebook Fail Mom” who singlehandedly manages to cause a peak of embarrassment by wishing her son, Chris, a Happy Birthday in an unreserved comment. Wait, did she really just post that?


This mother’s private message that says it all. It’s the ultimate, irrefutable oneliner for every mom. Use once and wisely.


Mom, you’re supposed to write something about yourself, yourself. Watch that daughter of yours!


This one’s a classic. But in case you haven’t seen it, this mother totally pwnd her MILF-loving son.


Why do parents on Facebook always do this?


I love this mom. She definitely knows how to call her kids…


Stay tuned for Mother’s Day Statuses tomorrow! And check out our Your momma likes this t-shirt.

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