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10 really crappy Facebook ads

What’s up with Facebook ads? It seems like every one and their pet water turtle have recently been given free ad spending money or vouchers and are unleashing the silliest and dumbest advertisements to your sidebar. Here’s the first batch of many ridiculous Facebook ads I’ve collected so far…

By the way, feel free to send me screenshots of the strange or funny Facebook ads you’ve encountered yourself!

Funny Facebook Ads

If loving glowing blue water is gay, I don’t want to be straight!

Silly Facebook Ads
Girls and tongues do not define “sexy”.

Stupid Facebook Ads

No, not a spoon collection! The number one reason for relationship breakups claims another victim.

Funny Facebook Ads

This guy is a jerk and he’s lazy, and he STILL makes the effort to show me how to make millions? Credibility = zero.

Funny Facebook Ads

Yes! Let’s celebrate 1979, a year I feel absolutely no affinity with. Or wait, do you also have cool 1743 t-shirts?

Silly Facebook Ads

As soon as you feel that an hour lasts 100 minutes, stop smoking the stuff you’re selling (If you don’t get it: $50 per 10 minutes doesn’t equal $500 an hour).

Stupid Facebook Ads

Use a few trademark symbols and we might actually believe this ad is really McDonald’s. Wait… It is?

Funny Facebook Ads

Facebook might’ve approved this inoffensive looking ad, but the mental picture it gives me is definitely not covered by their strict policies.

Silly Facebook Ads

Of course you do, you are four people.

Funny Facebook Ads

Wait. You can be an algebra teacher for 100 years and still hardly make a buck. Sorry Einstein, but that’s how “vital” algebra is.

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