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How to find your Facebook UID

During the process of making an application or website connect with Facebook, developers, webmasters and bloggers will sooner or later have to find out and enter their Facebook user IDs (UIDs). When integrating web pages into the social graph for instance, the Open Graph protocol’s fb:admins meta property requires you to insert not the custom usernames (eg. firstname.lastname), but the UIDs of those who administer the pages in question. The unique string of numbers isn’t explicitly displayed anywhere ─we believe it should just be shown at http://facebook.com/developers for easy access─ but fortunately, we have discovered an easy method to help you find your Facebook UID:

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Move your mouse pointer onto your current Profile Picture.
  3. If your browser has a status bar enabled at the bottom of the screen, it will show an URL. The number at the end is your UID. Eg.


UPDATE: The URL formatting has changed slightly. It will now look like the one below, with the last part behind the dot (123456789 in the example) being your unique UID:


Note: If you don’t see a status bar (Toolbars > Status Bar in Internet Explorer) or an URL, right-click your Profile Picture and copy the shortcut. Paste the link (CTRL+V in Windows) in your browser’s address bar and trim that URL down to the identification number right after &id=

Find your Facebook UID

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