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New Facebook Profile Hack: 15 Stunning Examples

Last week we told you how to hack the new Facebook profile and create an awesome look for your page through those top 5 pictures that show your most recently tagged photos. Seems like people have been mad busy last the weekend pimping their new profiles, many of them even including their profile pictures in the mix bringing the wow effect to the next level.

Here’s our showcase of the finest examples we found across the web so far. Let it be an inspiration for your own Facebook profile photo hacking and if you decide to join in on the fun, then Like our brand new Awesome Profile Hacks page and upload your own profile screenshot (we can highly recommend Free Screen Capturer for screenshotting action). If you do, we might even include your awesome profile in a future post! Oh, and before you ask, a tutorial for creating these cool layouts is coming up! Perhaps we should we call it: “How to Reface your Facebook.”

(Pssssst! We just launched a brand new Facebook application that lets you add Profile Headers to your or a friend’s Facebook profile very easily. Feel free to give it a try here)

Let us know which ones you like best in the comments!

Manu Di Giaro

Facebook Profile Photo Hack

Thibaut Le Brasseur

New Profile Hack Pacman Ghosts

Alexandre Oudin

Profile Hack by Alexandre Oudin

Shai Levy

Five photos

Ouri Stopek (Super Kidi)

New Facebook Profile Tricks

Joris Jokko Bulckens

5 pictures

Lexy Page (Alexia Page)

Cool Profile Hacks

Bora Yalçin

Top 5 pictures

Cynical Grinch (Bender)

Facebook Profile Bender


Facebook New Profile Trick


Put your Face on Facebook

Aia, a Harry Potter fan

Profile Takeover

Nelson Caparas

Reface your Profile

Asier Ríos Molina

Photostream Hack

Vlad Hernandez

New Profile Redesign

» Like the Awesome Profile Hacks Page for more, including fan uploads!

» UPDATE (December 15th 2010): We’ve added a new gallery showing 50 (fifty) new photostream hacks!

Note: I’ve added these people’s names to this post so that if they Google themselves and find their screenshot here, they can always ask me to remove it.

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