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Get Free Dropbox Space Using Facebook

Dropbox is hands down our favorite file storage service of the moment, allowing us to share actual folders on our computer with friends, and to sync files across our desktop, laptop and mobile devices. Creative minds have found tons of ways to use the cloud storage service for very useful things, like syncing bookmarks, an iTunes library, Instant Messaging logs, passwords and game saves across multiple computers and devices, no matter which OS (Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone/iPad, Windows Mobile, Android, or Blackberry). A list of unique uses can be found at http://wiki.dropbox.com/TipsAndTricks.

It might be hard to believe, but you can use this handy service entirely for free. Everybody who signs up for Dropbox gets 2 GB to play with, and while you can pay for extra web space, there are plenty ways to get more storage without spending a single dollar. And that’s where Facebook comes in.

You can easily increase your Dropbox storage up to 10 GB for free using Facebook in two ways:

  1. Simply connect with your Facebook account.
  2. Refer friends by telling them about the handy service in a status update.

For the first method, you have to go to dropbox.com/free and click the “Connect with Facebook” button for a 128 MB bonus. While you’re there, why not connect your Twitter account, follow @Dropbox, tell them why you love Dropbox and share that comment in a Tweet for a total of 728 MB free space. If you want, you can revoke the account authorizations, unfollow them and remove your Tweet a minute later, you’ll still enjoy the bonus extra space.

The second method doesn’t require much effort either, but it’ll probably take a little longer to show results. If you refer someone to the free service, you and your referral will get 250 MB of bonus space, so don’t forget to mention that both parties will take advantage of clicking your link to sign up. Your referral link can be found under “Share this link on Facebook or Twitter” at dropbox.com/referrals or you can instantly post a Facebook status update from that page if you’ve previously authorized your Facebook account. For those of you who lack marketing skills, the form automatically suggests a random promotional status update (eg. I would fight off a velociraptor to protect my @Dropbox. http://db.tt/XZgAXhp).

We did notice that sometimes you won’t get properly credited for a Dropbox referral. No worries, just submit a trouble ticket and include the e-mail address your friend signed up with, and they will likely add the free 250 MB to both accounts within 3 business days.

Dropbox and Facebook

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