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Facebook Letterbomb Fail

We absolutely love Facebook Letter Bombing. In fact, we love it so much we sat down for an interview today with the guys who invented the brand spanking new guerilla marketing tactic. But more on that tomorrow.

What we don’t like are people messing it up. While Facebook Letter Bombing is buzzing and still in its early stages, people and brands around the world ─well, mostly in Belgium─ have started to give it a whirl. But despite the resources at Letterbombing.com and our own clear-cut instructions on how to drop a Facebook letter bomb, the following two attempts have #fail written all over them.

TalentFM, a small Internet radio based in Belgium, was clearly inspired by Studio Brussel‘s shenanigans and decided to hijack the Facebook Page of Klara, the country’s most popular classical music radio. Here’s their “making of” their “letterbomb”:


I have to give it to them, in the video’s description on YouTube they admit they’re not really following the official letter bomb rules. They are most definitely not. This is what we bluntly call “spamming”.

Another failed attempt, again in Belgium, was made by the Neckermann travel agency. Yes, that’s Neckermann. Not Meckeman. Tweeter francesk0 was able to screenshot this mess:

Neckermann Facebook Letterbomb Fail

Kudos on the idea of letter bombing Studio Brussel ─bomber gets bombed, we feel a relay war coming up─ but it seems that the people behind the Neckermann letter bomb rushed into this before laying out a good strategy. Or maybe Studio Brussel’s admin didn’t play it fair and removed some of their comments?

Have you attempted or seen any failed or succesful FB letter bombs? We’d love to see them, so get in touch!

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