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How to Send a Facebook Friend Request Reminder

You met somebody totally awesome the past weekend and as soon as you were on your way home you couldn’t wait to add this person to Facebook. In an effort to avoid giving off an air of desperation, you were able to postpone your friend requests a few days… but after a while you simply couldn’t hold off any longer and clicked the “+1 Add as Friend” button. Now, a week has passed and this still totally awesome person hasn’t accepted nor declined your friend request yet. While you are awaiting your confirmation, you slowly begin to wonder… is this person ignoring me? Am I not awesome enough to be his or her friend? Or did this person simply didn’t notice my request?

Personality issues aside, some people just get so many requests that yours could’ve easily been pushed downwards in the list, and unintentionally forgotten about. That’s where friend request reminders come in handy: to put you back at the top of their list. The attention-grabbing email notification that arrives by default every time you reissue a request, is an added bonus. And it saves you from having to personally beg for a confirmation in a Facebook message.

Here’s how to send a Facebook friend request reminder:

1) Go to the profile of the person you’re trying to add as a friend.

Send Facebook Friend Request Reminders

2) Look under the person’s Profile Picture and click the “Cancel Friend Request” link. While the link you just clicked will turn into a greyed out “Friend Request Canceled”, he or she will NOT receive any cancellation notification. If you haven’t changed to the new profile yet, the “Friend Request Sent” button will be labeled “Awaiting friend confirmation” and you will have to click the little X that appears behind the piece of text in order to cancel.

3) The disabled “Friend Request Sent” button behind the person’s name will have become an enabled “Add as Friend” button again. Click it and send a new request. You can add an optional personal message along the way, which is always a good way to remind them who you are.

New Friend Request

4) Your request will move up again to the top of his or her request list. And if not unsubscribed from email notifications, the person will also receive an email alert about your friend request as if it were new.

Friend request email notification

Now here’s every possible scenario of actions towards your request:

  • If the person hasn’t taken any action at all, you can easily send a reminder. Do not spam reminders though, because that’s probably the shortest route to getting blocked.
  • If the person has clicked “Not now”, you will be hidden from his or her list of friend requests. The only way for you to pop up in that list again, is to send a reminder according to the instructions above.
  • If the person has clicked “Don’t know [your name]”, you will be blocked and he or she will not receive any reminders, nor will you be notified that this has happened. This action can only be undone by this person, so don’t count on it.
  • If the person has clicked “Delete request”, you will notice the “Add as Friend” button at the top of his or her profile, instead of the “Friend Request Sent”. You can immediately skip to step 3, but you should probably wonder why your request was deleted in the first place.

Good luck becoming Facebook friends and let us know if this how-to helped!

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