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Evil website shows personal phone numbers found on Facebook

Hundreds of thousands of personal phone numbers are available publicly on Facebook. But don’t blame Facebook’s vague privacy controls just yet. The people who’ll pick up the phone when you dial one of these private numbers have shared them openly, although most likely unsuspectingly. See, it’s a common (and detested) practice of Facebook users who lost their mobile phone to create groups in an effort to recollect their friends’ numbers. Friends invited to these groups, are happy to help and leave their private cell numbers, not knowing that these groups are “open to everyone”. And by everyone, we mean the entire Internet.


London-based developer, Tom Scott, took a few hours to write a web app that uses Facebook’s Graph API to find groups about lost phones, distils some numbers and then randomly displays them along with the unsuspecting owner’s name on his Evil website. Luckily for Jenna, Robby and Kylie in the image above, and other thousands of “victims”, their numbers are censored with three X’s. It’s more of a proof of concept, serving as a reminder to go back and delete your posts in all of the “lost numbers” groups you’ve ever joined. What are you waiting for? It could’ve been you in this screenshot!

» Evil (via TechCrunch).

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