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USB Mail Box Alerts of Facebook Messages

Ever since we saw those cool, curbside U.S. mailboxes with red signal flags in movies like The Goonies, A Christmas Story or even the more recent The Lake House, we wanted to own our personal, aluminium letterbox. Too bad we do not exactly live in a suburban house with a front yard and our own piece of curbside. Fair enough, we’ll settle for a USB version of the mailbox then ─we receive more e-mail than snailmail anyway.

The USB Mail Box Friends Alert is a tiny USB gadget in the form of those typical, American mailboxes, that monitors all your e-mail and social networking accounts and will light up red or green to notify you of new messages, Tweets or updates. Additionally, you can set an accompanying audio alert and we’ve heard even the little flag on the side will raise up (even though you’re supposed to do that yourself if you have outgoing mail).

USB Mail Box Alerts

The indicator’s system tray software which allows you to set the color and sound depending on the status message, is only compatible with Windows 7, XP or Vista. Mac users will have to wait for a hack. It currently supports Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook (Express), Windows Live (Mail) and POP3 email accounts.

» Buy the USB Mail Box Friends Alert (use the code af94xms10 for 10% off your entire order until December 31st 2010).

» Download the Mail Alert Sounds package, which includes samples from X-Files, You’ve Got Mail, The Simpsons, Monthy Python, Ren & Stimpy, Star Trek, and Bugs Bunny.

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