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The Social Network: Two-Disc Collector’s Edition

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It’s hard for us to imagine you’re reading this blog and haven’t seen The Social Network yet. But we won’t judge you as long as you buy “the Facebook movie” on DVD or Blu-Ray and watch it as soon as it arrives in your mail.

» Buy The Social Network (Two-Disc Collector’s Edition) on Blu-ray from Amazon.

» Buy The Social Network (Two-Disc Collector’s Edition) on DVD from Amazon.

If you have seen the movie already, it’s still worth buying the collector’s edition because of these special features of which only the first two are available on the DVD edition:

  • Audio commentary with David Fincher
  • Audio commentary with writer Aaron Sorkin & Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, Armie Hammer and Josh Pence)
  • “How Did They Ever Make a Movie of Facebook?” ─a feature length documentary about the script, the screenplay, casting and production.
  • Editors Angus Wall and Kirk Baxter, and Sound Designer Ren Klyce discuss editing the film and the different layers they created using different takes, angles and sound effects
  • Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross and David Fincher on creating the film score
  • In the Hall of the Mountain King: Reznor’s First Draft: a multi-angle music exploration which allows viewers to watch the same scene four different ways with different layers of music
  • Atticus Rose explains the Swarmatron sound machine used to create parts of the score
  • Jeff Cronenweth and David Fincher on creating the visuals, the look of the film
  • Ruby Skye VIP Room: Multi-Angle Scene Breakdown

The Social Network Collector's Edition

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