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I like New York, I like Facebook t-shirts

Everbody likes I love New York t-shirts. You’ve seen them on friends, celebrities, and also braggarts who’ve never actually visited New York City. But the problem with the 80s I NY logo, printed on millions of plain white t-shirts worn around the world, is that the pop-style heart symbol is so last decade. In the Facebook age, we don’t “heart” things or people ─we save that for our relationship status─ we “thumbs up” them. Yes, like is the new love.

Inspired by the original, world-famous design by Milton Glaser, we modified the pop culture icon ─a parody, if you like─ and replaced the heart in the rebus with the well-known thumbs up icon, also known as the Facebook like. Leaving all amorous tourists and passionate New York residents the option to publicly like this amazing American city (or state), we created the “I like NY” t-shirt. But with a moderate 1.2 million fan base, New York City does lose out in terms of popularity to the largest (virtual) community in the world counting almost 8 million fansFacebook! That’s why we also added a self-referencing “I like FB” t-shirt design for proud Facebook fans to wear.

It goes without saying that New Yorkers who like Facebook have a really tough decision to make here. Or they can always buy both and spread the love like.

» Buy the I thumbs up NY – I like New York t-shirt for US $18.99 (t-shirt style and color are fully customizable).

» Buy the I thumbs up FB – I like Facebook t-shirt for US $18.99 (t-shirt style and color are fully customizable).

» Shop for all the Facebook t-shirts designed by us!

UPDATE: This  NY parody was removed per request of the New York Department of Economic Development. It has been replaced with a different design.

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