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What’s in a name? You’d never guess!

What’s in a name? Even Shakespeare wondered. The answer is: more than you’d think. And since earlier this month, there’s a Facebook application that helps you find words hidden in your name.

What’s in a Name will look for the longest possible anagrams in five languages: English, German, Italian, Dutch and, since last week, in French too. Since our little “wall-to-wall” with the application’s Belgian developer last week, the application also allows you to change your name (eg. add/remove your middle name, or use your nickname/maiden name) before analysing it.

In true Halloween spirit, we ran a few creeps through the application and it came up with some interesting results:

  • Hannibal Lecter: inalterable –once a cannibal, always a cannibal.
  • Leatherface: lacerate –it’s how he leaves his victims behind.
  • Freddy Krueger: drudgery –it’s donkeywork, but some psycho has to do it.
  • Michael Meyers: chiseler –a deceiver.
  • Norman Bates: absonant –it’s his mother who’s contrary!
  • Victor Frankenstein: nonrestrictive –the way the mad doctor thinks of science.
  • Kanye West: weakest –when it comes to winning awards, he usually is.

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