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Polyamory as a Facebook Relationship Status?

We addressed Facebook’s severe lack of proper relationship statuses in an earlier post, and with your help even suggested a bunch of new ones. Today we came across a Facebook group created by Eric Stob, a Microsoft employee nota bene, who’s championing “polyamory” as a relationship type. Eric’s current status, “In an Open Relationship”, is too vague for him and doesn’t allow to identify each member of his harem his partners. So through a petition, the Don Juan is hoping to convince the social networking site to allow multiple relationships (“is Polyamorous with…”).

At the time of writing, 444 people had joined the group. Impressive, but hardly enough to grab Facebook’s attention. So we searched for an instant workaround and found an application called Lovers which expands the relationship options in Facebook. The Lovers app allows you to proclaim your versatile relationships in different ways:

In your profile’s relationship information fields:

Or on your Wall:

» Spread the love with Lovers.
» Another application that adds extra relationship statuses is Relationship+.

Give them a try and let us know which one you “love” best!

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