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MirrorMe: What you’ll look like when you’re old

MirrorMe is an impressive Facebook application that shows you a simulation of what you’ll look like in the future should you continue your current lifestyle. Feed it a close-up portrait of yourself ─the  facial recognition software is extremely picky so make sure you follow the guidelines closely─ and trust it with the number of cigarettes you smoke, the average hours of sleep you’re getting, your exercise habits, junk food intake, etc. Once MirrorMe has approved and processed your image, you’ll get a sneak preview of your degenerated face when you reach your final days. Yes, MirrorMe also calculates your life expectancy. And it’s all based on actual research, so the results can be shocking more often than funny! Talking about “refacing”…

We threw some famous people at MirrorMe, based the lifestyle settings on the gossip stories and this is what it returned. The first one is our own mascot, but can you guess the other aged celebrities? Your guesses in the comments.

» Try MirrorMe on Facebook to find out what you will look like if you continue with your lifestyle habits.

Before anyone points this out in the comments, the application currently doesn’t age your hair yet. Expect it to be less and grayer when you actually reach the given age.

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