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FarmVille for PETA enthusiasts

Everybody has someone on their friends list who is totally obsessed with FarmVille. Some of them are quite obviously pumping their animals full of hormones to reach their current level of production. They post more eggs EVERY day, but for some reason are hiding all of their chickens in the coops. You never see them leave! They’re never let out to stretch their wings, or to explore…

It’s okay! Now you can rescue those poor virtual chickens from the farms of cruelty with Farm Rescue. Players start off with one rescue hen who is missing a majority of her feathers that you teach to eat, exercise, and nest like a normal, well-treated fowl.  Players earn money for supplies by answering quiz questions meant to showcase how intelligent and unworthy of being eaten chickens are. (They built four of the seven great wonders of the world! They enjoy watching television, you guys!) As time goes by their feathers return. Once your rescued animals are healthy you can adopt them out to make room for more chickens.

This is almost as fun as My Hairless Cat Farm!

Like most other Facebook games, it allows you to add neighbors and send them up to three treats a day. UNLIKE other Facebook games, it revolves around gross, featherless chickens. It’s a well-made game that gets its point across (and gives you a list of ways to help the real gross, featherless chickens), but I think I’ll spend the majority of my free time on something cute and moderately carefree.

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