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Dwergs opened Pandora’s Box and found a crap Facebook application

Please someone explain to me the current hype around the Pandora’s Box application on Facebook? Seriously, 1,217,601 monthly active users and 86,689 fans? Makes me wonder what I’m doing wrong with our Random Names Generators.

The application is extremely straightforward: with a single mouse click Pandora’s Box presents you with a totally random gift. Isn’t Pandora’s Box supposed to unleash diseases instead of treats? Anyway, you can open the box up to 5 times each day, like I did today and got: bunny, Miyavi (who?), a guardian angel, love and pineapple. I kept love and quickly threw the rest of my gifts back into the box.

The problem is some of my Facebook friends are hooked to this application and open the box five times a day, every single day.  That’s why I did myself a favor. See, you can add items to Pandora’s Box and guess what I’ve added?

Hide Pandora's Box ButtonA useful reminder of the handy “Hide” button, so let’s hope the application’s developer leaves my item in the pool of gifts.

By the way, the title of this post should’ve really been “Dwergs open Pandora’s Box and found a crap Facebook application”, like it’s actually spelled in the application. Bad spelling continues when it goes: “What you find?” But I guess I can ask you people the same question: did you find any interesting items in Pandora’s Box? And can you explain the recent popularity of this Facebook application?

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Dwergs opened Pandora’s Box and found a crap Facebook application Posted by on August 25, 2009 at 5:54 PM. Use this trackback if you're linking this story.

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